Alycia Lang is a Bay Area singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who commands a room with her clear, vulnerable and deceptively powerful voice. With a style that weaves folk, jazz, indie pop and dreamy, electronic shoegaze sounds, her songs speak of messy endings, fresh starts and the growing pains in between.

A Northern California native and lifelong singer who trained as a young teen at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, Lang spent the last decade making a name for herself on vocals, guitar and keys in critically acclaimed touring bands like Waterstrider and Trails and Ways. But her forthcoming EP MakeShift represents a departure for the artist, who in 2017 planned to leave the Bay Area after a series of splits both personal and professional.

The world had other plans for her: after moving to her childhood home for what was intended to be a short stay, Lang found herself and her family awaiting evacuation orders on a daily basis, in direct line of the firestorms that swept Northern California that October. Living with bags packed, hosing off the roof as debris fell from the sky, and watching as her neighbors endured tragedy shifted Lang’s perspective on what was truly important.

Recorded at San Francisco’s legendary Hyde Street Studios in the months that followed, the result is MakeShift, an EP full of urgency, an eagerness to experiment with new sounds, and a renewed sense of gravity, humility and purpose.

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MakeShift is the beautiful undoing of one identity, in order to make way for something new. It traces the destruction of balance with an eloquent respect to the power and importance not only of chaos, but also of growth and rebuilding. Stream Alycia Lang’s debut EP... and bask in the glow of intimate renewal.
— Atwood Magazine


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Atwood Magazine (REVIEW & PREMIERe)

Photo:  Jess Calleiro
“Lang is truly the embodiment of the proverbial breath of fresh air”
The breezy blend of indie folk and pop finds Lang weaving her irresistible vocals atop an understated but rich sonic landscape making for an immediately infectious listen.
— Impose Magazine
Exuding vulnerability and instrumental prowess, Alycia Lang is not just another singer- she’s the soft, plush pillow that we want to come home to and lay our heads on every night.
Her capacious voice fills the track, darting in and out between the finger-picked chords and scratchy feedback, making for a haunting, introspective listen
— SF Weekly
Complex lyrical themes take centre stage – thanks in no small part to her crystal clear vocal delivery.
— The Line Of Best Fit
“Captures my full attention... Sparse, enchanting, earthly, sincere folk-rock”
— I Heart Moosiq